Fruit Fly Trap

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Though relatively harmless, fruit flies are a nuisance and can become difficult to get rid of once inside the home.  They are especially attracted to ripened fruits and vegetables in the kitchen and are active all times of the year.  Enoz Fruit Fly Trap uses a food grade solution that draws the fruit flies into the trap where they are unable to escape.

  • Food Grade Lure results in 2 to 1 More Attracts & Kills than Leading Competitor
  • Easy to use – Just Pull & Fill
  • Safe to use around children & pets
  • Lasts up to 45 Days
  • Not for sale in New Mexico

SKU: R10, R11


Remove peel tab from Fruit Fly Trap. Open liquid tube and pour into the “funnel” portion of the trap. Granules are already inside the trap. Place the traps in locations where fruit flies have been observed. For best results, make sure there are no other food sources around. In large rooms, use more than one in different parts of the room. Each trap lasts for 30 days with almost no monitoring or maintenance. Once the 30 days are up, simply dispose of the traps in your regular, household trash and replace with a new trap.

The two most visible signs of fruit fly activity would be the adult flies and the pupae. Fruit flies often are seen flying around in kitchens or trash cans near the decaying fruit or vegetables. They also are attracted to liquor and liquor/beer bottles. They eat ripened fruit, vegetables and fermenting products. Regularly wipe counters, clean spills and empty your trash cans to help prevent fruit fly infestations.