Enoz No Zone Small Spaces Fly Trap

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Attracts and Kills Common Household Flies

  • Reclosable Lid – For Discrete Use in Smaller and Urban Living Spaces. Lid Can Be Closed When Needed
  • Low Odor Lure – Uses a Combination of Yeast, Sugar, and Animal Matter to Replicate to Smell of Composting or Decaying Vegetation to Attract Flies.
  • Unique Trap is Designed with All Black Funnel Featuring Finger Like Prongs That Allow the Flies to Enter the Bottle But Prevent Them From Escaping
  • Can Hang or Stand Freely for More Placement Options
  • Cannot Be Sold in New Mexico

The Enoz No Zone Small Spaces Fly Trap utilize a lure to attract and kill common nuisance flies such as: house flies, blue bottle flies, blow flies and canyon flies. Flies will enter the trap seeking the lure and will be unable to escape.

SKU: R92, R95

  1. Open Top Cap
  2. Add water to the fill line
  3. Stand/ hang fly trap near source of flies
  4. It may take up to 2 hours for the fly lure to become fully effective
  5. Close lid when not in use or when full
  6. Empty and replace trap when full or when the contents dry out

Enoz No Zone Fly Trap attracts and kills common household flies. Low odor compared to other house fly traps. Provides clean and easy disposal of common house flies. It is sized for use in small outdoor living spaces such as patios, decks, or boats. Have company? Simply close the lid and reopen when needed.