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About Enoz

Enoz from Willert Home Products is a trusted brand of Moth Preventives that work safely and effectively.

Left unchecked, moths and other fabric eating insects can cause extensive and costly damage in even the cleanest homes if not properly controlled.  Because moths and other insects are so small they are almost invisible – too often one only knows they have them after the damage is done.

Be prepared to ensure the safety of your belongings before these insects strike with Enoz. All Enoz products are EPA approved and a sure method of killing destructive moth larvae. In addition, Enoz is proudly the only brand of Moth Preventives still made in the USA!


About Willert Home Products

Willert Home Products is a premier manufacturer of many well-known and trusted household products. Founded by A.W. Willert in 1946, Willert Home Products began modestly with the production of a single product. Today, nearly 70 years later, the company manufactures close to one hundred household products and is still owned and operated by the Willert family with headquarters in St. Louis, MO.

Our family of brands include Ty-D-Bol, Bowl Fresh, Enoz and airBOSS. Exceeding customer expectations, striving for excellence in the products we manufacture, developing new product innovations, providing a rewarding work environment and giving back to our communities is the heart of our business. From our family to yours, Willert Home Products is a name you can trust with brands you can count on.

Our Family of Products

Flat Storage

Enoz moth balls, crystals, nuggets and packets are primarily designed for long-term or seasonal storage of flat or folded items such as sweaters, knits and delicate apparel that cannot be hung. Enoz flat storage also works great to protect heirlooms, keepsakes or clothing that is worn infrequently.

Hanging Storage

Enoz hanging moth products prevent infestations in short term or day-to-day storage such as closets, and garment bags. Designed to hang and available in unscented, cedar, lavender and linen fragrances, Enoz products freshen as they work safely and effectively to keep costly insect damage from ruining your wardrobe. Before your favorite silk shirt or cashmere sweater becomes lunch, get Enoz.

Home & Garden

Stop living things that invade your home and garden from causing discomfort or destruction with Enoz by Willert Home Products. Pesky household and garden pests are not just annoying – they can cause considerable damage to homes, yards, gardens and ornamental shrubs. Some pests are simply annoying while others pose a potential threat to health and well being.

Fortunately, the pest control experts at Enoz have developed safe and effective solutions to protect your home, property, family and pets against damage caused by unwelcomed guests. Whether swatting a fly or keeping animals out of the garden, let Enoz products eliminate the economic, esthetic, and nuisance damages that can be caused by pest infestations both in and outside your home.